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GBA | 29 May 2020

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What does GBA offer start-ups looking for investment? - GBA

What does GBA offer start-ups looking for investment?

The Galata Business Angels (GBA) is one of the first angel investment networks in Turkey that aims to find funds for business ideas by guiding start-ups. As you have visited our blog, we assume that you have some insight into what GBA does, why it does it, and how it does it. If you would like to get an update and know everything about GBA, anything you are looking for is here.

Today, we are focusing on what GBA offers start-ups looking for investment. We hope this will answer every entrepreneur’s questions about GBA’s fund finding process and expect to be of service to Turkish entrepreneurship efforts by helping put a few more projects into practice.

  1. A Project Is Necessary
    Of course, you can knock the door, say “I’m here!”, and meet the GBA team. It is good to be prepared before visiting GBA. The GBA angel investment process is suitable for all types of business. Your start-up might be already underway or still in the project phase. Both options, however, require the projects to possess certain features. If your project has the following features, your start-up is much more likely to get a funding:
  • Rapidly increasing potential
  • A broad range of market segments with innovative product(s) and/or considerable competitive advantage
  • Distinctive development strategy
  • Powerful management team
  • Pronounced and achievable ‘exit’ strategy
  1. Promote Your Start-up ProperlyThe entrepreneurship ecosystem is full of countless genius ideas, and many more are on the line to be put into action. But, success overnight is just a myth. It takes much more than simply a good idea for a start-up to get investments and, more importantly, to succeed. For these reasons, you must prepare a business plan and an executive summary before applying to GBA.

Making a business plan requires knowledge and effort; we are not talking about certain assumptions indicating to the possible success of your start-up. It must contain information on your service and product, development strategy, competitors, financial data, funding requirements, and exit strategies.

All the information you need in order to make a successful business plan is available in the ‘Guide to a Successful Business Plan‘.

  1. Time to Apply!
    So, if you agree with all that, you can now introduce your project to GBA as a highly likely candidate. In order to apply, you are to share your project on Gust, which has so far enabled 1.8 billion dollars worth of investments.
  2. The Process Is Beginning If the project you have shared on Gust is in line with the potential investment requirements mentioned in the first item, you will be summoned to GBA preliminary meetings and have your first interviews with us.
  3. Selection Committee The GBA Selection Committee is the next stop for start-ups that did well in the preliminary meetings. The Selection Committee will endorse the best candidates, and they will move on to the next phase.
  4. Meeting With Investors Once your sartt-up has been accepted by the Selection Committee, you will be invited to meet with investors. You will have the opportunity to impress GBA investors with your presentation. You should be able to describe your start-up as clearly and frankly as possible and answer investors’ questions. There are hundreds of pages-long books written just for this, yet there is enough material for start here.
  5. The Advisory Committee Is Expecting You If the investors that assess your presentation decide to invest, an Advisory Committee will be assembled. It will be special for you and will work with you on an individual basis.
  6. Agreement
    If your project is the product of the right choices and combinations, and the Advisory Committee has endorsed it, the investment decision will be announced in a few weeks (no later than a month). Congratulations!

You will be able to contact many people when you need another round of investment in the future and will have the chance to establish connections.

Investment, Mentorship, and NetworkGBA does not just find funds for your start-up. You will also avail yourself of our intensive mentorship and network processes. The bigger picture reveals the process at GBA:

1.Entrepreneur Presentation

2.GBA Screening Committee Assessment

3.GBA Venture Academy

4.Investment Assessment

5.Investment Meetings


7.Determining New Targets and Plans

8.Value Development

9.Putting the Into Action and Goals

10.Sales and Marketing

11.Preparation for the Next Investment

12.Finding Investors and Funding

13.Investment After That of GBA

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