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GBA | 20 February 2020

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Brand new multinational ecosystem is blossoming: Chilecon Valley

3 December 2015 |

When it comes to the subject of entrepreneurship, first thing that comes to mind is Silicon Valley . The place where a new technology emerges every day, full of initiatives that have the potential to change the world at every corner… Silicon Valley partly owes its position today to the fact that USA is the technologic and economic center of the world. Or is it vice versa? Devam

Are technology startups overvalued?

30 November 2015 |

A new item on the agenda of investors in the technology ecosystem is the loss in value suffered by technology startups that go public. Devam

A Model Transforming Industries: Sharing Economy

20 November 2015 |

Sharing economy is a popular trend all over the world. Starting with accommodation and transport, the sharing economy trend has grayed the line between personal and professional and showed a future where everything can be transformed into a service by using the power of the technology. Devam